Quite Nice #5

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The "Quite Nice" series is basically the same as the "Fine Time" series, but with a new type element added ("Quite Nice") and in some cases a spray painted pattern was also introduced.

There were originally only 4 prints in the Quite Nice series, but in trying to update a print from the Fine Time series (print #2) , I accidentally turned it into a Quite Nice print.

I was tinkering with Fine Time #2 because no one purchased it in the original offering, so I thought no one liked it. This went through several stages of being ruined and rescued. It is the first print (and still only, so far) to have a pill character hand drawn on it. The pill is laughing at my misfortune.

I keep wavering between wanting to charge a premium for the print because it is so unique and wanting to offer a discount just to get rid of it. I think I will offer it at a discount for the first 24 hours and if someone purchases is, good for them and good riddance! If not I will mark the price back up.

11" x 17"
Mixed media and laser print on watercolor paper